Basic massage  
Esplanade Massage50 min400,00 kn
De-stress Massage50 min450,00 kn
Sport Massage60 min500,00 kn
Partial Massage30 min300,00 kn
Body peeling with himalayan salt30 min350,00 kn
Exclusive massage  
Mediterranean Massage50 min550,00 kn
Anti-cellulite Massage40 min450,00 kn
Hot Stone Massage80 min700,00 kn
Bamboo Massage90 min700,00 kn
Chocolate Dream70 min650,00 kn
Istrian Grapes Therapy80 min600,00 kn
Ginger Therapy90 min700,00 kn
Aromatherapy90 min800,00 kn
Aromatherapy60 min600,00 kn
Body Firming and Toning ritual90 min800,00 kn
Aromadetox90 min700,00 kn
Magic Honey Massage80 min700,00 kn
Skin care  
Deep Hydrating Treatment45-60 min550,00 kn
Lifting Treatment50 min700,00 kn
Essence of imortella Treatment50-60 min600,00 kn
Anti Wrinkle Treatment50-60 min600,00 kn
Facial Cleansing50-80 min600,00 kn
Facial Massage20 min200,00 kn
Magic Honey Facial Massage30 min300,00 kn
Hand and foot care 
Happy Feet45 min400,00 kn
Happy Feet and Nail Polish60 min 450,00 kn
Happy Hands45 min250,00 kn
Happy Hands and Nail polish60 min350,00 kn
Nail Polish-100,00 kn
Hair Removal 
Arms-175,00 kn
Legs and bikini- 350,00 kn
Half legs-195,00 kn
Upper lip-50,00 kn
Bikini-150,00 kn
Armpits-100,00 kn
Mens back-300,00 kn
Hair Stylist  
Hairdresser available with prior arrangement.
Gym and Sauna  
Gym program60 min300,00 kn
PowerPlate program30 min250,00 kn
Sauna90 min120,00 kn
Sauna1 mjesec600,00 kn
Care and cleaning exercise equipment (max three sets per week) 
1 month   450,00 kn
6 months   1.960,00 kn
12 months   3.960,00 kn
 1 month6 months12 months
Basic400,00 kn2.000,00 kn3.600,00 kn
Silver850,00 kn4.250,00 kn7.650,00 kn
Gold2.430,00 kn12.000,00 kn20.500,00 kn
Gold +4.000,00 kn20.000,00 kn30.200,00 kn
Platinum3.000,00 kn15.000,00 kn26.000,00 kn
Memberships are available through hotel or Member recommendations.

* Notice:

You can make a reservation by using the internal phone line number 3559, and if you are calling from outside the hotel, the telephone numbers are +385.(0)1.4566.059 ili +385.(0)91.4566.601 or e-mail

* Arriving for appointment:

Register at the reception desk of the HealthClub at least 15 minutes before your appointment in order to assure the full length of the treatment.

* Cancelling a reservation:

If you wish to change the time of your appointment, you need to contact us at least 6 hours in advance of the set time. We reserve the right to charge 50% of the amount for the arranged treatment if the treatment has not been cancelled at least 3 hours in advance of the set time. If you do not keep your appointment, you will be charged with the full amount for the arranged treatment.

Before using the premises of the HealthClub please read and abide by the house rules. You can read house rules: here.