Wellness is a holistic approach to health and a lifestyle in itself. Comprehensive health is achieved through conscious efforts in the areas of physical activity, healthy nutrition, spiritual activities, relaxation, beauty and quality co-existence with nature and other people. Wellness is a process of constant improvement of psychological, physical, spiritual and mental health. Scientific research has shown that besides the problem with excessive weight and lack of energy, 70% of health problems are the result of bad nutrition, lack of movement and harmful living habits.

The term wellness was coined in the 1950s in the USA.
> The definition of wellness refers to living healthy and enjoying life to the fullest.
The term stems from two words:
> Well-being - referring to satisfaction, prosperity and comfort
> Fitness - referring to ability, decency and skill

Our wellness offer can be divided into five basic categories:

Massage is the easiest way of achieving relaxation and preserving health. The word 'massage' originates from the Arabic word 'massa' which means touch. Going as far back as the human race, it has been mentioned in all cultures, from India, Greece, China, Egypt and Rome all the way to the Middle East. The first written documents date back to the 18th-century Europe and are connected to a Swedish doctor, Henric Ling, the inventor of the 'Swedish' massage, out of which all other styles developed. Provoked by touch, millions of skin receptors send signals to the brain which then reacts by producing endorphins, hormones of happiness and good mood. Massage therefore strongly influences the nervous system because it soothes the nerves and reduces the level of harmful (stress) hormones in the organism. We all know that stress is one of the biggest problems of modern life which affects almost all of us, and is additionally the cause of many health issues and illnesses, led by hormonal and cardiovascular disorders. Massage is an excellent, natural way of dealing with stress and preventing many illnesses. Massage improves blood circulation, reduces subdermal fat and fat pads, improves substance metabolism i.e. speeds up the flow of nutrients to the tissues, increases oxygen levels in tissues and lymph outflow, which in turn increases skin tonus and elasticity making it look healthier and younger. The condition of the muscles, responsible for the body's mobility, significantly determines the posture and the appearance. Massage influences the muscles by stretching and contracting them, thereby making them firmer and at the same time more relaxed, since it also removes excess lactic acid, which causes cramps and muscle pain. Additionally, massage stimulates and facilitates digestion, as well as provides significant help as an addition to other treatments or as a treatment in itself for certain conditions. Regardless of the technique used the purpose of a massage should be physical and mental relief and deep relaxation.