The purpose of going to a sauna is relaxation and pleasure, but sitting in a sauna also has a variety of positive effects on our health. Using sauna increases the body’s resilience to colds and strengthens the whole immune system, speeds up circulation, helps the nervous system, purifies the body of toxins, strengthens the heart, reduces blood pressure, improves digestion, helps with chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid conditions, arthritis and stiff joints. Sauna is the best method of detoxification achieved by eliminating toxins through sweating and by increasing internal excretion through kidneys and lungs. Sitting in a sauna eliminates physical and mental stress. Pain and muscle tension are reduced because the heat has a relaxing and softening effect on the muscles.

*Sauna users get complimentary towels, tee and fruit. Using sauna for hotel guests is free of charge.

  • 120 kn

    Sauna / 90 min

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